We look forward to seeing your children in the upcoming summer camp!
2023 CMWRC Summer Camp

2022 Summer Camp

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Bhagavad Gīta Audio and Text Resources

Other Audio and Text Resources

2021 Summer Camp

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Bhagavad Gītā Chapter 2 Audio Resources
Swamiji Chanting Verses 19-36
Swamiji Chanting- Lead and Repeat-Verses 19-36
Other Audio Resources
Sri Rama Gita
Dekho Dekho Re Bhajan
Sri Rama Stuti
Sundara Kanda Shloka

2020 Summer Camp

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2020 Summer Camp Finale

2018 Summer Camp

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Audio Resources

Bhavagad Geeta (Bhagavad Gītā) Chapter 12

Bhaja Govindham