Our motto is to give maximum happiness to maximum people for maximum time!

Chinmaya Mission Washington Regional Center (CM®WRC) was established in the late 1980’s to serve communities in the Washington DC Metropolitan area, Maryland, and Virginia. It is an affiliated center under Chinmaya Mission West (CMW) and Central Chinmaya Mission Trust (CCMT‐India).

CM®WRC is registered as a non‐profit organization and is overseen by a Board of Trustees. The day‐to‐day operations are run by dedicated volunteers and managed by an Executive Committee.

Our Spiritual Guides

Our Vedanta teachers serve the world dedicatedly and tirelessly, always keeping in line with Swami Chinmayananda’s Vision and Mission.


We currently operate from four locations in Maryland and Virginia offering a wide range of spiritual programs and classes for children, youth & adults.


There’s something here for everyone in the family, to gain the wisdom of Vedanta and the practical means for spiritual growth and happiness!


Chinmaya Family and friends gather to observe, honor or celebrate auspicious Days in the Hindu calendar, festivals and other special days observed by the nation and the local community throughout the year. There are also many mission related events such as Jnana Yajnas, spiritual workshops, retreats that dot the CMWRC calendar.


Check out our treasure trove of resources to get you started, to keep you going, to keep you growing.


To perform selfless dedicated service without any thought of rewards or for personal benefit is Seva.

Interfaith Outreach

Understanding and educating about how that which exists (divinity) is described and worshipped in Hindu religion, engaging with groups willing to discuss their religion or point of view openly, and promoting community relationships, leading to respect for all is the goal of our outreach and interfaith efforts.

Support Us

There are multiple ways in which you can support us so we can share our resources to the community.

Financial Reports

We run a tight ship ensuring upkeep of our facilities, managing growth to effectively serve our communities and keeping our expenditures in check. CMWRC has experienced steady growth and expansion since 1989, fueled by broad and persistent interest in our programs.


Do you have any further questions? We are happy to help!