Service to Humanity is Service to God

Mānava Seva is Mādhava Seva

What is Seva?

To perform selfless dedicated service without any thought of rewards or for personal benefit is Seva.

Swami Dheerananda explains – SEVA is an acronym for Service Exhausts Vasana (selfish desires) Accumulation.

Why is Seva important?

Service to the people in need is service rendered to our Lord. Seva is not merely an act of charity. It is service to God in the human form. Simply put, Seva is the very essence of devotion. To help the people in need is our duty and privilege.

Every Sunday morning we gather together with our children and make a pledge to “…. live honestly the noble life of sacrifice and service… “. It’s our duty to fulfill the pledge and put our words into action. It is a great opportunity for us to teach “by example” to be grateful to all that we have been blessed with and to instill the value of service from a young age.

In order to achieve all of the above we have to constantly remind ourselves that we are indeed His instrument as well as to offer the fruits of our service at His feet. We at Chinmaya Mission Washington Regional Center are privileged to have the opportunity to participate in serving those in need in our community. We welcome all to join us in this noble endeavor wherein we give so little, and yet receive so much more in the form of indescribable joy, satisfaction and fulfillment.

Seva at CMWRC

** New Program**

Healthy Minds Strong Lives – A Mental Health Information Session

Chinmaya Somnath and the Mental Wellbeing Team are hosting a mental health information on Sunday, Jan. 21st at 4pm(EST).  The session includes a panel of 7 speakers including doctors, mental health professionals, and a certified ADHD coach. The goal of the event is discuss and disseminate practical tips on mental health.

Let us help the unhomed in our community.

This is the need of the hour. In these uncertain times, anxiety is running high for many, our vulnerable neighbors are finding themselves in difficult situations.

Chinmaya Vishwa Vidyapeeth (CVV) – A university established in 2016 to impart Indic knowledge with a blend of modern western education. It was Pujya Gurudev’s vision. Our ancient and timeless Indian Knowledge Traditions will equip young thinkers with solutions that blend both science and spirituality to address societal challenges that we have never experienced before.

The CVV enrollment is growing rapidly and therefore there is an urgent need to expand the infrastructure (more land, buildings, classroom, residential accommodations, etc.) along with new faculty.

CVV has embarked on a fund-raising campaign using the crowdfunding technique.

Update on the Covid-19 relief initiatives via the “Each One Reach One” campaign.

Our Chinmaya Mission family from around the world has continued their wholehearted support for the cause.
To read about the initiative, impact figures, stories, and much more, visit

Get Involved!

We welcome any help that you can offer as a sevak or sevika. There are many opportunities to get involved and grow in different areas to suit your interests and skills.

Please select your chapter to see the seva opportunities.


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