The loving touches of Sri Gurudev, Swami Chinmayananda, in establishing a mission center in the Washington DC region are unmistakable. The consecration of Kailas Niwas with the installation of Sri Jagadeeswara murthi in Silver Spring MD, the appointment of Swami Dheerananda, (then Brahmachari Sudheer Chaitanya), and many others.

One of his messages to the lead sevaks at that time was to start a newsletter to inform and inspire growth of members at the newly established center. He coined the name, Smrithi, for it. The newsletter was meticulously prepared and published in print and mailed to members since then. Later, it switched to electronic medium under a revised name ‘Chinmaya Smrithi’, coined by Swami Dheerananda. It is now published regularly on a bi-monthly basis.  It remains a reliable source for recording, celebrating and informing vibrant activities and spiritual thought carried out across the center, now spanning the states of Maryland and Virginia.