The Chinmaya Mission pledge was given to us by Swami Chinmayananda in 1962 in Chennai. It talks nothing about Chinmaya Mission in particular, and yet everything about it. It is a universal vision and an organizational passion put together.
Living a life of values is a noble life lived. Chinmaya Mission pledge is a compilation of values required to give our life a new direction. Practicing which, we can channelize our potential and make ourselves rise above our lower tendencies.

Chinmaya Mission Pledge

We stand as one family, bound to each other with love and respect.

We serve as an army, courageous and disciplined, ever ready to fight against all low tendencies and false values, within and without us.

We live honestly the noble life of sacrifice and service, producing more than what we consume and giving more than what we take.

We seek the Lord’s grace to keep us on the path of virtue, courage, and wisdom.
May thy grace and blessings flow through us to the world around us.

We believe that the service of our country is the service of the Lord of Lords, and devotion to the people is devotion to the supreme Self.

We know our responsibilities.
Give us the ability and courage to fulfill them.

Om Tat Sat

Pledge recited by Swami Dheerananda with Children

It is not just words and sentences that make the Chinmaya Mission Pledge, it is the graceful determination, holistic evolution and meaningfulness of the Mission. Let us live the Chinmaya Mission Pledge.

Dictated zealously by Pujya Gurudev, Swami Chinmayananda, first in 1962, the Chinmaya Mission pledge is a beautiful amalgamation of vision and passion.
Chinmaya Mission Pledge – Talk 1 of 3 by Swami Mitrananda
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Chinmaya Mission Pledge – Talk 3 of 3 by Swami Mitrananda